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Free Functional Diagnosis Articles by Dr. Dicken Weatherby

Dr. Dicken Weatherby, Naturopathic Physician


Here are several articles on Blood Chemistry Analysis, Functional Diagnosis, In-Office Lab testing techniques, and Signs and Symptoms analysis that you should enjoy and find useful

You're also welcome to use any of them for your own newsletter or ezine! Just make sure they remain complete and unaltered (including the "about the author" info at the end), and send a copy of your reprint or the url to You're also welcome to use my photo here on the left.

Functional Diagnosis Articles

Introduction to Functional Diagnosis

Four Quadrants of Functional Diagnosis

Functional versus Pathological

Introduction to Functional interpretation of blood tests

Blood Chemistry Articles


Can you pass this 20-Question blood chemistry quiz?

15 questions to ask before beginning your blood chemistry analysis.

Recommendations for what tests to run on a blood test.

Where does a blood chemistry screen fit in the scope of practice?

Blood chemistry functional hierarchy.

FREE reference range conversion chart from US to Standard international units

Decreased cholesterol levels- as bad as elevated levels?

Metabolic syndrome and the chemistry screen.

Renal health on a blood test.

Pregnancy and its impact on lab values.

Digestion and the blood chemistry screen.

Differentiating cardiovascular risk profiles.

Functional tests for hypothyroidism.

Differentiating hypothyroid types.

Considerations when interpreting a thyroid panel.

Adrenal thyroid relationship.

Oxidative Stress on a Blood Test panel

Other Topics of Functional Diagnsosis

ACG- An Introduction to This Fascinating Diagnostic Tool

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