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Blood Chemistry 901- Getting More from your Blood Test Results


Dr. Dicken Weatherby, Naturopathic Physician


Functional Diagnosis- Data gathering for the Preventative Practice

Functional Urinalysis- the Latest Interpretation of Your In-Office Lab Tests

Blood Chemistry 101- A Refresher Course

The Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire- Signs and Symptoms Analysis from a Functional Perspective

Blood Chemistry 901- Getting More from your Blood Test Results

Attendees in this session will learn how to implement and incorporate the analysis of the traditional Blood Chemistry and CBC Panel from a Functional Perspective into their practices. Learn how to identify the top patterns for identifying common metabolic dysfunctions, the clinical implications for values that fall outside of the optimal range, instructions on how to put the information together, how to use the tracking forms, how to incorporate this form of analysis into a busy practice, and how to make blood chemistry analysis pay.

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Functional Diagnosis- Data Gathering for the Preventative Practice

This program focuses on teaching the attendees how to begin to look at their diagnostic methods as an organized and focused system of data gathering. The "Four Quadrants of Functional Diagnosis" approach to information gathering will be introduced and the most common patterns of clinical dysfunction will be discussed from all four quadrants. Attendees will learn how to look at signs and symptoms analysis, their physical examination, in-office labs, and blood chemistry and CBC analysis from a functional perspective.

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Functional Urinalysis- the Latest Interpretations for your In-Office Labs.

Attendees in this session will learn how to implement a functionally oriented urinalysis into their clinics. They will learn how to do each test, what to look for, the clinical implications behind low and high findings, and the clinical implications of the patterns between the different tests. This is a crash course in in-office lab testing techniques. Dr. Weatherby will share all of the tracking forms he developed and uses and will also focus on the amazing money making potential of incorporating a whole range of in-office tests into the clinic.

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Blood Chemistry Analysis 101- a Refresher Course

This one-hour session is a perfect breakout session or early morning class to accompany the above Blood Chemistry 901 session. Many doctors could use a refresher course in blood chemistry analysis before tackling the content and information-laden Blood Chemistry 901 session. This class goes through the standard Blood Chemistry and CBC panel giving the background information on each test on the panel and looks at some of the scientific background to the functional approach to Blood Chemistry analysis.

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The Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire- Signs and Symptoms Analysis from a Functional Perspective

Take an informative trip through one of the most important data-gathering tools of Functional Diagnosis. Attendees will learn the nuances of implementing a complete assessment questionnaire in their practice. They will learn how to gather a ton of information by using specific methods of analysis developed by Dr. Weatherby, the author of the Question by Question Guide to the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire- Signs and Symptoms Analysis from a Functional Perspective. Attendees will get copies of the questionnaire and the manual analysis forms and an understanding of how to perform a "History in Motion" to truly track signs and symptoms changes in their patients over time.

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Blood Chemistry Analysis

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