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Blood Chemistry University!

Full Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis System

Get More From Your Functional
Blood Chemistry Analysis!

A functional diagnosis of your patients' blood test results is one of the most effective diagnostic tools to get to the bottom of the myriad of diverse health complaints your patients present with. Gain expert status, increase business by being the one doctor who can tell their patients exactly what their blood tests mean.

Blood Chemistry University is a complete roadmap to success that shows you exactly how to approach each blood chemistry analysis step by step.

Blood Chemistry University: 12 full and complete online training sessions, audio downloads of each hour long training session in MP3 format, 4 live coaching calls with Dr. Weatherby PLUS Bonus Lectrues from Leading Functional Medicine Experts, plus much, much more...

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Blood Chemistry And CBC Analysis from a Functional Perspective Book

How to Quadruple the Amount of Useful Information from a Standard Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis.... And Beat the Learning Curve, FAST

Dr. Weatherby and Ferguson's "Blood Chemistry Analysis from a Functional Perspective" reference manual in printed format. A thorough in-depth coverage of 52 blood tests with optimal and functional values, 62 patterns of functional disorders that most physicians don't get from normal reference ranges, 11 nutrient deficiencies, 36 special topics pertinent to functional blood chemistry analysis, and a full section of patterns that exist between tests. This is truly THE Definitive Guide to Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis.

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In-Office Lab Testing Reference Manual

in-office lab testing book

In-Office Lab Testing- Functional Terrain Analysis

Drs. Weatherby and Ferguson share their system of using in-office tests to gather more detailed information from your patients. This reference manual includes full instructions for each test, in-office forms for tracking patient results and a detailed section on interrelated patterns. This book is an invaluable resource for those wishing to add in-office testing to their clinics and increase the monthly profitability of their practices.



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Signs and Symptoms Analysis Reference Book

Signs and Symptoms Analysis from a Functional Perspective

This book takes a critical look at the myriad of signs and symptoms a patient presents with. Using a comprehensive 4-page questionnaire you can look at the symptom burden in specific systems of the body, address some of the more obscure symptoms your patients present with, and track changes over time. Organized by body systems, this book provides the nutritional and functional explanation behind all the questions on the 4-page questionnaire. There is a detailed explanation to each question, plus a section of additional tests that can provide yet more information about the functional state of the patient.

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Complete Physical Exam Reference and Charting System

How to Perform an Accurate and Meaningful PHYSICAL EXAM Every Time- Tools for Accurate and Easy Charting

The following tools and resources were developed to increase clinical efficiency and efficacy. They will save you a great amount of time during your physical exam taking. We have put together report forms for all the major physical examinations commonly performed in your office (i.e. cardiovascular, lung, abdominal, neurological examinations). These report forms provide an easy method of charting and filing your physical examination results, as well as providing a method of charting the tests you did not perform. The accompanying reference cards provide a detailed explanation of all the tests on each report form and are an excellent reference to refresh your memory on all the different tests that make up each examination.

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Complete Practitioner's Guide to Take-Home Testing

take home testing book

Complete Practitioner's Guide to take-Home Testing

Drs. Weatherby and Ferguson have put together a series of 17 take-home tests that you can give to your patients to perform in between their office visits. Patient “homework” is an important method of gathering patient data, of creating compliance, and will be a useful referral tool as well. These tests will allow you to assess for digestion, elimination, zinc status, pH regulation, hypothyroid conditions, iodine insufficiency, blood type, and food and other sensitivities and intolerances.

The book is divided into two sections. The first outlines each test, why you should ask your patients to do the test, detailed instructions, a full interpretive section, and a section on other diagnostic tests you might want to consider after you have the results. The second section contains the handouts themselves. Each handout gives your patient the necessary instructions to accurately perform the test. Master copies of all the handouts can be downloaded from our website.

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Quick Reference Guide to Blood Chemistry Analysis

quick reference guide to blood chemistry analysis

The Perfect Companion to Our Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis Book

Wouldn't you rather spend less time interpreting and analyzing your patient’s blood test results? This quick reference guide is the perfect companion to our book “Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis- Clinical Laboratory testing from Functional perspective”. It is your complete quick reference for interpreting, analyzing, and finding the underlying cause of your patients’ functional complaints. Whether you are already doing a functional analysis of blood chemistries or plan to do so soon, you will refer to this guide over and over again.

The QRG covers the most common functional conditions associated with high and low readings of specific elements on a blood test.

89 in-depth patterns for the most common functional conditions you will see in practice. A quick reference guide to the clinical abnormalities reported on a stained red cell examination. The clinical explanations behind the different red cell shapes often reported on CBCs.


Printed Book

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Guide to Urine Dipstick Analysis

Urinalysis book

The Perfect Companion to My In-Office Lab
Testing Manual

Wouldn’t you rather spend less time interpreting and analyzing your patient’s urinalysis test results? This quick reference guide is the perfect companion to my reference manual “In-Office Lab Testing- Functional Terrain Analysis”. It's your complete quick reference for interpreting, analyzing, and finding the underlying cause of your patients’ functional complaints using the standard Urine Dipstick Analysis. Whether you are already doing a Urinalysis in your practice or plan to do so soon, you will refer to this guide over and over again.


Printed Book

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Downloadable E-Book

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