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7 Ways Functional Diagnostic
Medicine Will Grow Your Practice
& Help Your Patients -- No Matter
What Kind of Practice You Have!

Here are 7 ways that implementing Functional Diagnostic Medicine into your practice will help you get more referrals, get more new patients, keep existing patients, increase your clinic income, and help more patients— guaranteed.

1. Functional Diagnostic Medicine lets you FIGURE OUT exactly where the dysfunctions are located in the body.

You are probalbly well trained in traditional allopathic diagnosis, which is excellent for diagnosing appendicitis, but not so good for helping sleuth out those nebulous "functional disorders" that plague the majority of patients seeking your help. You probably have more than enough treatment options at your disposal. The problem is a lot of the time you probably don't know exactly what is going on. Well, with Functional Diagnostic Medicine this process becomes easier. The four quadrants of Functional Diagnostic Medicine present a series of diagnostic techniques that will help you uncover the true cause of your patients discomforts and dysfunctions. Once this is known you can focus your attention on finding a cure.

2. Functional Diagnostic Medicine will help your clinic EARN EXTRA INCOME.

Most patients think that you make a fortune on the out-sourced labs you ask your patients to do. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, most of the doctors I consult with actually lose money when they order out-sourced labs because they do not charge for the time they take outside of normal office hours to look at the labs.

Functional Diagnostic Medicine can put more income in your pocket while saving your patients money. The system of in-office labs that form the 3rd quadrant allow you to run effective diagnostic labs right in your clinic. The results are instantaneous, the cost to you is minimal, the profit is impressive, and the value to your patients is huge. These tests also act as "gateway tests" so that you can use out-sourced labs more effectively- another saving for your patients.

3. Functional Diagnostic Medicine will help you TRACK THE PROGRESS your patients are making with their treatment.

It is often difficult to track your patients' progress as they undergo your treatment protocols. Like a lot of doctors and health care practitioners I consult with you probably forget to re-run many of the lab tests you used to get your diagnosis. Many times this has to do with the shear economics of getting patients to pay for another round of expensive out-sourced labs. Functional Diagnostic Medicine uses a series of tests that are easily performed in the office: use of simple health appraisal questionnaires to get a "history in motion", simple hands-on physical exam techniques to get information directly from the body, a series of inexpensive in-office tests for urine and saliva, and the most effective blood chemistry analysis available. All of these will help you track the progress of your treatment protocols without costing your patient and arm and a leg. They will also put some extra income back into your practice.

4. Functional Diagnostic Medicine will help you effortlessly SPREAD THE WORD about you and your business.

If you do a decent job with the diagnosis and report of findings part of your clinical assessment, your patients will be very likely to tell their friends and colleagues that you are the first doctor they have visited that really knows what's going on. Patients passing on the word about your clinic and services is called 'viral marketing'.

Most doctors who implement the functional diagnostic techniques I mention on this website build their client database relatively quickly over the course of a few months- all thanks to the viral marketing of patient referral. Turn your new foud skills into a patient referral machine!

5. Functional Diagnostic Medicine allows you to MAKE THE BEST USE of your patients' time and money.

Nothing impresses a patient more than a timely office visit that begins on time and ends a little early. Using the systems I outline on this site you can can begin to streamline your whole intake and diagnostic process. You will also rely less on expensive out-sourced labs. Instead, you will have at your disposal a series of tests and techniques that you can run right there in the office and get immediate results. No more waiting 3 weeks for a stool analysis to come back. You won't believe how impressed your patients will be when you sit down with them and share with them your report of findings from tests you performed right there in the office.

6. Functional Diagnostic Medicine positions you as an EXPERT in your community.

By using the different functional diagnostic techniques in your practice, you will attract more and better clients and patients. You don't have to go and say you are an expert in functional diagnosis. Instead, your patients will assume it. If you are not comfortable with calling yourself an expert, think as yourself as a health detective who can help uncover many of the dysfunctions that your patients suffer from. But experts can charge more and get paid more for their services. So why not become the expert in functional diagnosis in your community and stand out from the rest of the doctors in your area.

7. With Functional Diagnostic Medicine, there's NO MORE TELLING your patients that "everything looks normal to me."

One of the things that annoy patients more than anything is the feeling that they spent a vast amount of money on tests only to be told that "everything looks normal to me." This is the most common complaint about blood chemistry analysis. If you do a functional analysis of your patients' blood test results you will always have something to work on. I have yet to see a "normal" functional analysis of a blood test. Combine that data with findings from the other quadrants and you have a system of diagnosis that will be very impressive to your patient.

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